אמן בקיר – יוני 2012 – אבי לוין

30th May 2012
אמן בקיר | אמנים - admin


when you come to me, come undone.
come as you are. come unshaved, unwashed. for all i care come naked.
come with your dirt, so i can smell you. so i can see.
come at any time you wish. you can knock on the door, or ring the bell.
you can even shout my name from the window, i will hear you. if im there.
come in the morning, or maybe at noon, if its more comfortable, just pop up,
in the middle of the night, while I’m asleep.
come when i moan, come when i growl, come when i read or eat, or pick my nose, or pick my heart, please, come.
you can come with this dress of yours, but you can come with
a jeans, unshaved, did i mention that? please, you should not bring anything. just come. really.
bring nothing but yourself, your fears, your inferiority complex, your superiority complex, your past.
your present. your chaos. your air. your smile, your shattered dreams, your kidneys. your lungs.
your mouth. your muscles. your gaze. the laughter. the sadness. your madness. just come.

אבי לוין

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